Pre-Award Grant Proposal Available Services

AAI provides grant and contract proposal support to AAI researchers and to KU faculty whose research supports the AAI mission. Available services will depend on individual proposal needs and the lead time before an agency deadline. A longer lead time before an agency deadline allows for the highest level of support and maximizes the competitiveness of a proposal.

Time-Based Pre-Award Grant Services
Services Available> 3 Weeks Before Deadline1-3 Weeks Before Deadline<1 Week Before Deadline
Assist with analyzing and interpreting agency instructionsXXX
Assist with the budget and budget justificationXXX
Prepare agency application forms and online registrationXXX
Provide templates and boilerplate contentXXX
Liaison with KUCR to obtain institutional review and approvalXXX
Review for format and compliance to KU and agency standardsXXX
Assemble the proposal for submission in the required formatXXX
Assist with proposal submission, hard copy or onlineXXX
Meet to discuss project, develop an outline and timelineXX 
Engage the program officer, by requestXX 
Facilitate gathering of proposal componentsXX 
Search for external funding opportunitiesX  
Provide high-level reviews of proposal drafts (upon request)X  
Copyedit final project narrative and abstract*X  

*Upon advance request and availability, proposal narratives can be sent to an editor for copyediting and proofreading services.

Proposals are due to the AAI Grant Officer one week before the agency deadline to allow sufficient time for KUCR review and for the PI to make any necessary revisions.

All proposals that include a budget must have KUCR approval before being submitted to a funding agency. Budget revisions must also be approved by KUCR before submitting to a funding agency.

Note: When deciding on whether to submit a proposal to a specific funding agency, consider that the entire process includes planning, writing, reviewing, editing, and submitting, all of which require significant time if the proposal is to be competitive. If you do not think you can accomplish these steps in the allotted time, consider applying to a future round or to another opportunity with a later deadline.

For further assistance, please contact the AAI Grant Management Team at