Assessment & Technology Solutions (ATS)

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ATS helps public agencies develop high-volume, highly scalable and multi-device-compatible Software as a Service (SaaS) web applications to meet public needs. We are a team of experienced IT professionals with many years of high-volume software product development experience that analyze a client’s technology needs and then design, develop, test, host, and provide post-production support for all web applications that we develop.

Our flagship program is the Kite® Suite, a SaaS-based testing platform used by multiple state departments of education. Incorporating the latest innovative software technology solutions, the Kite Suite can deliver a variety of test items, including custom simulation and technology-enhanced item types, in a variety of ways so that students with a wide range of skills and abilities can access the assessments and their related content. 

ATS partners with four other centers in AAI to meet their technology needs, including the Center for Public Partnerships and Research (CPPR) on DAISEY™, another SaaS-based data-collection and reporting application. 

We are always working to exceed client expectations by expanding the capabilities of the Kite Suite. Learn more about our new and upcoming features below. 

For more information, visit the ATS website.

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