Center for Montessori Research (CMR)

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CMR contributes to a robust body of knowledge so that Montessori education and philosophy will benefit all children. CMR collaborates with scholars throughout the Montessori community and within the fields of education and psychology, with particular emphasis on fostering connections across disciplines and areas of expertise. The center conducts high-quality research related to Montessori education with a critical perspective on philosophy, practices, and outcomes. This research informs educational practices, improves educational environments for all children, and explores opportunities for unique applications of Montessori principles.

In addition, the center engages in rigorous, independent evaluation of Montessori-related programs at the local and national level. Finally, the center disseminates Montessori-related research information and resources to educators, school leaders, policymakers, and scholars to inform the Montessori community and provide a Montessori voice in the broader field of education.

For more information, visit the CMR website.

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