AAI’s Arts & Humanities Grant Program Now Accepting Proposals

LAWRENCE — The Achievement and Assessment Institute (AAI) is pleased to announce proposals are being accepted for its Arts & Humanities Grant, now in its fourth year. The purpose of the grant program is to foster deeper ties between the arts and humanities and the education and social sciences within which most of AAI’s work is focused. We believe that looking at societal problems through the lens of the arts and humanities helps to think through issues, compliments and articulates the work of science and education, and engages diverse perspectives. 

Work in AAI focuses on enhancing educational opportunity; optimizing the well-being of children, youth, and families; creating accessible assessment systems that better support student learning (especially for struggling learners); and creating educational technologies and data systems that support students, teachers, and organizations. AAI is particularly concerned with addressing structural and systemic societal inequities. 

Proposed projects must connect to one of AAI’s areas of focus and there is a requirement that the first activity in any project is a dialogue with staff members within AAI who focus on the area to which the project is connected. There is no need to identify in advance who in AAI will participate in the opening discussion and no requirement that the dialogue influence or be reflected in the finished project.  
Past awardees include: 

  • Ryan D. Clifford, Assistant Professor of Design and Visual Communication, for his RadLab! DIY Youth Creative Workshop Series (2021). 
  • F. María Velasco, Professor of Visual Art, for her proposed “On Our Terms, In Our Own Words” project (2021). 
  • Ash Wilson, director of the Center for Sexuality & Gender Diversity at KU, and David Mai, assistant teaching professor in the Department of Film & Media Studies, for their project titled “Telling Our Stories” (2022). 
  • Giselle Anatol, director of the Hall Center for the Humanities and professor of English, for the project “Imagining Our Futures” Storytelling Game & Art Sessions with AfroRithm Futures Group (2023).

Who is eligible?  

Any tenure track faculty, teaching professor, or multiterm lecturer in a department considered by KU to be in the arts or humanities is eligible. Certain unclassified academic staff (library or museum, for example) may also be eligible. Contact us if you have questions regarding the latter.  

What types of projects are eligible?  

Any project that can be completed in one year is eligible. General examples include creation of artwork in any medium or scholarly analysis through an arts or humanities lens. Proposed projects must connect to one of AAI’s areas of focus. Reviewing the work of our many centers may help to match your focus. 

What support will be available?  

AAI will cover up to $12,000 for any expenses allowable under university and KU Office of Research guidelines. For example, money might be used to cover summer salary for the faculty member or a course buyout during the year, hiring a student assistant, travel, or materials. Since this is being funded by AAI, a university research center, there will be no indirect charges paid out of the grant. 

What are the requirements for the proposal? 

The proposal should be a maximum of five pages, single spaced, with a minimum 1-inch margin on all sides, minimum 11-point font, and page numbers on all pages. The proposal should cover the following and include headers for each part: 

  1. Project Description (Description of the project including any products or events that will be the result of the project) 
  2. Connection with AAI (How the project connects to the work of AAI) 
  3. Importance (Why this project is important to either your field, AAI’s mission, or both)  
  4. Qualifications (Why you are qualified to carry out this project) 
  5. Budget (If you need help creating the budget, we can provide that.) 
  6. Schedule (When you will start and finish and any other key dates) 

Requested proposal file type is PDF. 

How do I apply? 

Submit proposals at the following link. 


Email aaimedia@ku.edu if you experience issues with the application portal. 

When are proposals due? 

Proposals must be received by 5 PM. Central Standard Time Friday, September 27, 2024. 

Who will review the proposals? 

AAI will establish a review committee to evaluate proposals. This committee will include individuals from AAI and its centers, as well as representatives from KU's arts & humanities community.

When will the winning proposal be announced? 

Our goal is to inform the awardee by Friday, October 18. 



About Achievement & Assessment Institute at KU: The Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI) is one of 11 designated research institutes at the University of Kansas. AAI and its centers partner with numerous agencies to improve the lives of children and adults through academics, employment, career advancement and building healthy environments, as well as to enhance the capacity of organizations that help children, adults and communities succeed.