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AAI Speaker Series With Howard Wainer

The Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI) is pleased to relaunch the AAI Speaker Series, featuring noted individuals in the fields of assessment, statistics, education, and more. Presenters will offer talks appealing to many disciplines of study, with events occurring on the University of…

AAI Announces the Center for Research Methods Consultation (CRMC)

The Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI) has announced the new Center for Research Methods Consultation (CRMC). The center’s mission is to provide research methodological consultation and support services for faculty, staff and students at the University of Kansas and beyond. The center…

AAI Announces the Center for Evaluation and Educational Leadership (CEEL)

AAI has announced the Center for Evaluation and Educational Leadership (CEEL), whose mission is to support district- and building-level leaders to lead, organize and implement the most effective and equitable learning environments for PreK-12 students.

AAI Announces Recipients for Arts & Humanities Grant

The Achievement & Assessment Institute has announced the recipients of this year’s Arts & Humanities Grant. Ash Wilson, director of the Center for Sexuality & Gender Diversity at KU, and David Mai, assistant teaching professor in the Department of Film & Media Studies, were awarded…

AAI's Center for Montessori Research Houses Large Online Montessori Research Bibliography

Scholars and researchers investigating the Montessori model of education now have a robust tool to aid their efforts. Housed at the Center for Montessori Research (CMR), a center within the University of Kansas Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI), the Montessori Bibliography Online makes…

Researcher Jade Caines Lee Joins Achievement & Assessment Institute

AAI is excited to announce researcher and education professor Jade Caines Lee will be joining the institute as an Assistant Research Professor. Lee will be primarily positioned within AAI’s Center for Montessori Research (CMR), but, due to her considerable expertise and experience in assessment,…

AAI Announces the Center for Positive Youth Development

The Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI) is excited to announce its latest center, the Center for Positive Youth Development. Led by director David Hansen, an Associate Professor of Education Psychology in the School of Education and Human Sciences at the University of Kansas, the Center…

Antiracism in Data Management from AAI's Center for Educational Opportunity Programs

AAI's Center for Educational Opportunity Programs is starting a new initiative, Antiracism in Data Management. This will provide learning opportunities and resources for researchers and evaluators who utilize large datasets to evaluate and serve racially marginalized populations across the country.

Research Funding Opportunity for KU Faculty in the Arts and Humanities

The Achievement & Assessment Institute is offering a research grant opportunity for KU faculty in the arts and humanities. The purpose of the grant program is to foster deeper ties between the arts and humanities and the education and social sciences within which most of AAI’s work is focused.

Yong Zhao, Director of AAI's Center for Creativity and Entrepreneurship Education, Publishes New Book on Learning

“If I tell you I’m going to prepare you for the future, that implies I know what the future is,” said Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor in the School of Education & Human Sciences at KU. “But the future is uncertain."

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