Center for Certification & Competency-Based Education (C3BE)

"C3BE center logo"

Our goal is to make sure learners and their learning (knowledge, skills, and abilities) don’t get lost in the fast-pace and dynamic landscape of modern education and work. C3Be builds upon AAI’s previous work using learning maps as an organizational structure that charts a course toward a desired outcome. Simply put, the center helps universities, businesses, and students better meet each other’s needs.  

C3Be provides unique support to organizations and people to:

  • Gather and organize competencies to develop learning maps,
  • Design and implement assessments leading to micro-credentials; and 
  • Build community through developing maps and assessments with diverse stakeholders to undertake, certify, and disseminate competencies that matter.

The center supports organizations to assess the competencies that learners gain through university coursework and other experiences by providing a framework to gather information that employers desire from workers in particular occupations and professions. C3Be’s framework will be used to help operationalize certifications known as micro credentials. The center’s research focus will be on the innovation and implementation at scale to support diverse forms of learning and certification.

For more information, visit the C3Be website.

Center Director