2024 Impact Report Now Available

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The Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI) is pleased to announce the release of its 2024 Impact Report. The 70-page document covers the work of AAI and its many centers, showcasing how the organization directly and indirectly impacts the lives of people throughout the state of Kansas and beyond.

Composed of many centers representing a diversity of services and programs, the Achievement & Assessment Institute aims to improve the lives of children and adults through academics, employment, career advancement, building healthy environments, and enhancing the capacity of organizations that help children, adults, and communities succeed.

“Our work as an institute may appear unconventional because, in addition to traditional research funding, we develop and deliver a large number of services and products. The direct impact we have on the communities we serve is undeniable,” said Neal Kingston, University Distinguished Professor, Vice Provost for Jayhawk Global and Competency-Based Education, and Director of the Achievement & Assessment Institute.

“This Impact Report is a great opportunity to share the multitude of projects and initiatives under our umbrella and for people to become familiar with who we are, across all of our centers.”

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With stories, stats, and photographs, the 2024 Impact Report also serves as a tool to encapsulate the Achievement & Assessment Institute’s growth over the past decade; in 2023, the institute celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Since then, AAI has grown to a team of 500 employees spread across 35 states, with an annual expenditure of $68.415M in fiscal year 2023. This makes AAI the largest and fastest growing designated center at KU. 

To support this growth, AAI has created eight strategic centers and a number of tactical centers, each offering specific services and programs that support and promote AAI’s mission. Strategic centers have a strategic plan ensuring their long-term viability whereas tactical centers are informed by the vision and projects of individual faculty.

Examples of work by these centers include:

A full listing of AAI’s centers can be found at aai.ku.edu/centers.

AAI's Accessible Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Systems (ATLAS) provided PDF remediation services to ensure the accessibility of the report. AAI thanks them for their work.