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Dynamic Learning Maps® (DLM®) Alternate Assessment System, from AAI's ATLAS Prepares Students for Success

Learn how Dynamic Learning Maps®, from AAI's Accessible Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Systems (ATLAS), helps students with significant cognitive disabilities achieve in school and beyond.

AAI Announces the Ad Astra Center for Science Fiction and Speculative Imagination

Led by Director Chris McKitterick, the Ad Astra Center for Science Fiction and the Speculative Imagination brings writers, readers, scholars, educators, and fans of speculative fiction together to study and create work that changes the world.

The Local Impact of KU’s Achievement & Assessment Institute

“Our work covers a wide range of services and initiatives, but the heart of what we do is improving the lives of communities,” said AAI Director and University Distinguished Professor Neal Kingston. “It only makes sense we would start with our home.”

AAI Announces Recipients for Arts & Humanities Grant

After reviewing many excellent proposals, The Achievement & Assessment Institute (AAI) in the University of Kansas’ School of Education and Human Science

KU Researchers Examining Racial Justice and Equity in Montessori Education

By many e

Research Funding Opportunity for KU Faculty in the Arts and Humanities

The Achievement and Assessment Institute (AAI) is pleased to announce a grant opportunity for KU faculty in the arts and humanities.

New KU Research Center To Map Clearer Pathways From Learning Outcomes To Employment Success

LAWRENCE — In a rapidly evolving economy with ever-shifting workforce demands, how can universities, businesses and students better meet each other’s needs? There’s a map for that.

"The Paradox of Child Care Costs" from AAI's Center for Public Partnerships & Research

In a new feature, AAI's Center for Public Partnerships & Research explores an issue many parents and childcare providers are familiar with: The Paradox of Child Care Costs.

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